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Launch in Sept 2024

Welcome to

Leverage your network.
Connect with strong partners, recommended by people you trust.
Level up your business.

Our Vision

We tend to lose connection as the world becomes global. 

Plus with so many providers, it is not easy to see wood from the trees!

At FRIENDS in BUSINESS, we believe in long-term partnerships and word-of-mouth.  

Accordingly, we have created our Global Village.

A community where we join forces to give everyone a head start.

We introduce partners we trust, to customers we value. 

Good people find good people. Good business creates more business. 

Leverage our B2B expertise

Our network is composed of handpicked independent companies, and offers a wide range of international high end business expertise, coupled with strong business values. 

There is no fee associated to our network - neither when you join us, nor when you work with us.

We earn a living on the concrete impact we deliver to our customers.

We work across industries and support

  • Entrepreneurs starting a new company

  • Companies scaling up or transforming



Our values are the foundation of our network and our pride. 


We promote a culture of support and mutual growth.

believe in open dialogue, reliability, solidarity and empathy.

And so we have designed our network to build upon these values.

Friends in Business


Friends in Business is an exclusive support network for professionals who trust one another - both on skills and values.

Our individual companies cannot meet all the expertise you require: this is where FRIENDS in BUSINESS kicks in. We refer one another. By sharing, we both support our customers and develop each other's business.

Our Members

We Believe in Long-Term Partnerships

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